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I. PAPER                

A. Forecasting Commodity Price  using Econometric Model

Modeling Oil Price forecasting using Eagle-Grager approach (2003 Economics Nobel Award)


B. Economics Evaluation on the Bidding of Oil and Gas Blocks in Indonesia

Using Paddock Siegel Smith Model to determine the total value of signature bonus and firm commitment in the bidding proposal for the tender  of  oil and gas blocks in Indonesia


C. Optimize Farm Out/In Strategy using Probabilistic Approach

Using Probabilistic approach to justify the optimum working interest for farm in/out strategy


D. Valuation of Oil and Gas Company using Real Options Approach

Using Paddock Siegel Smith Model to price share of oil and gas company


E. Re-Invent Our Approach on the Mining Economics for Improved Investment Decision

Implementing Dynamic Real Options model in the mine economics to determine the fair market value of the coal mine project.


F. Analisis Pembiayaan Proyek Hulu Migas dengan Pendekatan Probabilistik

Implementasi teknik simulasi monte carlo untuk membantu analisis pembiayaan  proyek migas


II. SOFTWARE                

There are some software to support the advance project economics. One of them is developed by Real Options Valuation Inc as seen below:

Note: you can download it  by clicking the picture and following the registration process.