Table of Content ” A New Era Of Project Economics and Investment Decision Techniques”

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I. Penilaian Proyek

  1. Peran Penilaian Proyek
  2. Perkembangan Teknik Penilaian

II. Teknik Penilaian Konvensional (Discounted Cash Flow)

  1. Teori Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  2. Analisa Sensitivitas
  3. Simulasi Monte Carlo
  4. Analisa Decision Tree

III. Teknik Penilaian Modern (Real Options)

  1. Teori Real Options
  2. Financial Options Analogy
  3. Binomial Lattice
  4. Static Real Options
  5. Dynamic Real Options

IV. Aplikasi Penilaian Proyek Perminyakan

  1. Production Sharing Contract (PSC)
  2. Aplikasi Teknik Konvensional dalam Proyek Perminyakan

Contoh Kasus:

  • DCF Oil PSC Base
  • DCF Oil PSC Sensitivity
  • DCF Oil PSC Simulation
  • Decision Tree in prospect field

3. Aplikasi Teknik Modern dalam Proyek Perminyakan

Contoh Kasus:

  • BSM Formula Application in PSC Block
  • PSS model for undeveloped reserve
  • PSS model for unexplored reserve
  • Binomial Lattice development delay
  • Binomial Lattice exploration lead
  • Binomial Lattice exploration lead with bonus
  • Binomial Lattice application for PSC block
  • Strategy A.msls
  • Strategy B.msls
  • Binomial Lattice ROSLS
  • Static Real Options

V. Aplikasi Penilaian Proyek Pertambangan

  1. Kontrak Karya dan Kuasa Pertambangan
  2. Aplikasi Teknik Konvensional dalam Pertambangan

Contoh Kasus:

  • DCF nickel mine base
  • DCF nickel mine sensitivity
  • DCF nickel mine simulation
  • Comparison Simulation result
  • Decision tree mineral exploration

V. Aplikasi Teknik Modern dalam Proyek Pertambangan

Contoh Kasus:

  • BSM Formula Application in coal concession
  • Binomial Tree model mining
  • Strategy A mining.msls
  • Strategy B mining.msls
  • Binomial Lattice ROSLS for coal concession
  • Static NPV RO vs DCF

VI. Isu dan Tantangan Implementasi Teknik Modern

  1. Isu dan Tantangan Organisasi
  2. Penutup



LAMPIRAN I: Pemecahan Rumus Paddock Siegel and Smith

LAMPIRAN II: Isi Compact Disc (CD)

LAMPIRAN III: Sofware Risk Simulator dan Super Lattice Solver


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